Seven Proofs of Riemann’s Hypothesis: A Short Story

In Mathematics, Riemann’s hypothesis (RH) is one of the unsolved problems. It is one of the Millennium Prize Problems. Whoever solved this problem would be awarded one million dollars by the Clay Mathematics Institute. It states that all the non-trivial zeros of the ‘zeta function’ lie where the real part of the argument of the... Continue Reading →

Blasphemy and Spirituality

Did you know dear Lord has forgiven me? What! Forgiveness and you. It’s not possible. You blasphemous! Everyone knows it. Yes, I was never blasphemous. Blasphemy is not even possible. You may be upset with your father, but you cannot deny you are the son of someone. What! Are you Christian? Or a Muslim? Or... Continue Reading →

Removable and Inherent Errors

Be careful, my writing is not free from errors. Some errors are removable and others are inherent. Removable errors are those which can be fixed by revising the manuscript. On the other hand, inherent errors are those that exist in the thought process. Every mind comes with a level of inherent errors. The minimum is... Continue Reading →

A Memoryless Mind

Told you many times but you didn’t listen that I had no memory. After all, I live in present. I must be spontaneous. Hey, stay away from me. Today I’m in a very bad mood. Don’t expect anything good from me. I said I’m in a bad mood. No, no, I’m not. I’m nauseous. I’m... Continue Reading →

Random Walk

Hey, put all my writing away from me I hate it. I write mindlessly. This is not me but you who associate meaning to it. I write so mindlessly and so spontaneously that it makes no sense in any universe. You know why? Because the random walk is the most expressive language. I speak the... Continue Reading →


You know what. What do you think? What you do is it really in your control? I’m not using the philosophical terms here such as free-will. Perhaps we are talking about free-will. Let’s leave the free-will here and go with the connectedness. To understand connectedness, let’s remind ourselves of the following two monologues: I think... Continue Reading →

Time Runs Backward

The universe was first created a compact single body and then smashed into pieces. Note that this is a monologue. Read it like a monologue not like a physics statement. Since the universe was a single body, it does not matter how big or small it was as there was nothing else to compare it... Continue Reading →

Monologues Continued

The universe is breathing. Yes, it does. It comes into existence when it breathes out and collapses when it breathes in. I don’t prove what I say. Told you I speak monologues. The proof is required in dialogue. My monologues have many names. You can call it a verse or a conjecture. When it comes... Continue Reading →

More Monologues

This book is very important to me. It means something to me. As I read one paragraph, it reminds me of something, and I cannot focus. But I’m determined I’ll read it from cover to cover. Who says I don’t listen to you. Just tag me and your message got delivered. Gone are the days... Continue Reading →

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