Vraylar: A New Medication for Bipolar Depression

Cariprazine (Vraylar) is a new medicine that is used for bipolar depression. Here I would share my own experience with the drug. Whenever I spoke to my psychiatrist to prescribe me something for depression, he would advise me to stick with what I was currently taking as any anti-depressant drug might trigger mania. And this... Continue Reading →

The End of Integers

Euclid in 300 BC proved one of the beautiful theorems of mathematics that the number of prime numbers is infinite. The proof is based on a simple argument. Suppose $latex p_1$, $latex p_2$, $latex \ldots$, $latex p_r$ be all the primes. Let $latex P$ be the product of all the primes, then $latex P+1$ is... Continue Reading →

Religion May Always Exist in Some Form

If all religions of the world are renounced, humans will invent one anew. There are many reasons to believe in God. In the past, God communicated with us through His messengers. What if He has changed his rules? What if He has gone virtual. There are several accounts by the name of God on Twitter.... Continue Reading →

I Saw Him When I Denied Him

It is very disturbing when you are an atheist and you are having spiritual experiences. How could you submit to God when you don’t believe in His very existence? And how could you deny Him when sometimes He shows Himself to you in the eastern light and sometimes in western light. How could you deny... Continue Reading →

Can I Live without Medicine?

I have been taking medication for bipolar disorder for fifteen years. Over time I have developed tremor mostly in my hands. It is more in the left hand and less in right hand. Tremor is very embarrassing. I cannot even hold a spoon. My psychiatrist says it is from Depakote and Lithium. For the tremor,... Continue Reading →

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