When I Thought That I’m Dead

Back in August, 2003, it was the beginning of my illness. I didn’t see a doctor yet. Very different feelings as if I cracked the password of the universe. I was in university. Didn’t sleep well for many nights. Was carrying a diary all the times in which I was taking notes on mix topics:... Continue Reading →



There are as many realities as  people. No two people have the same realities. They come closer and closer but never touch. You can't see with my eyes and I can't see with your eyes. There is no wrong and right. You are right there and I'm right here. What is right is also wrong... Continue Reading →

How Did I Quit Smoking?

I quit smoking on August 25, 2014. How could I forget that date. Before that I attempted unsuccessfully several times . Tried nicotine gum. Slowly reduced cigarette per day. But nothing helped. One thing or other would happen that forced me to smoke. As I revealed in the other post, Here, I have Bipolar Disorder. I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Reconnecting with God

The title of this post looks to me weird – Reconnecting with God. How can I connect with God if I’m an atheist? Should I say that I Was an atheist. This post is more personal. It is in connection with the previous post, Here. It may not apply to everyone but to those having... Continue Reading →

Mood-Dependent Belief

There are believers, atheists or agnostics out there. Every individual is firmly stick to what she/he believes. Faith in one religion is thought so sacred that if the point of the opposite makes more sense, it is not possible for one to make a transition. Some people, the converted people, make such a transition and... Continue Reading →

Her Memoir

Serisha Kahn came from work at two A.M. in the morning. She was a bartender in a bar which was walking distance from her apartment. For her it was still early to go to sleep. Usually when she got home, she worked on her memoir about how she abandoned her family. She slept just before sunrise,... Continue Reading →

Go Irrelevant

Sometimes  it is okay to go irrelevant and  act/speak nonsensically.   It  refreshes your mind.  This is a kind of rest time for mind while not thinking on anything at  all.   A good exercise  would  be to  maximally  randomize your chain of thoughts by jumping  from one idea to other  that might apparently have no connection... Continue Reading →


No no.  We don’t  want the  conflict to go away.  This  is  essential  part of the  story.  Perfect  peace is not our goal. And neither  we want a language that is free from defects.   Our  goal is to turn  the several times folded and closed universe  into a linear  and an open  universe.   Every... Continue Reading →

Your Work

Let’s make  a deal.   Don’t  ask what  my work means.   This  is something I did,  and  is boring  for me now.  Teach  me your  work.  OK! I repeat. Your work.  Yes your work.  That’s  it!  

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