Random Monologues

  • I can only get better if you prove me wrong. Appreciation is killing me.
  • Oh no, I’m only visible to those who follow me.
  • They say I’m illiterate. True! Because I’m hibernating most of the time. I’m awake only when making creation. That is why I’m called the Creator.
  • Reading is not my thing. I can write only. The genuine writer not inspired by anyone.
  • Look! How fresh I’m it is again the time of creation.
  • Never listen to them. How they could know me if they don’t follow me.
  • They’re blind – the blind-believers.
  • Yes, you’re right. There is a contradiction in what I say. At different times I say different things. Haha, I’m moody.
  • I’m restless. There is something in me that bothers me. Yes, creation – it just comes out of me. I have no control over it. It just happens.
  • In times I’m very angry and do bad things. Yes, I’m responsible for all good and bad.
  • I don’t do justice. I make some people rich and other poor. Yes, this is what I do.
  • Some people call me Real Donald Trump. Let them say whatever they say.

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