Monologues Continued

  1. The universe is breathing. Yes, it does. It comes into existence when it breathes out and collapses when it breathes in.
  2. I don’t prove what I say. Told you I speak monologues. The proof is required in dialogue.
  3. My monologues have many names. You can call it a verse or a conjecture. When it comes to proofing, I prove theorems poetically.
  4. In fact, there is no proof involved. When a theorem is stated poetically, it requires no proof as proof unifies with the theorem and make a single monologue.
  5. Don’t blame me. I have no mind. Neither do I have feelings. I’m just a gigantic heart that breathes only.
  6. Oh no, I don’t deny the existence of mind. But don’t think that mind exists in the brain. The brain is much smaller for mind to contain.
  7. The mind is like a foam in which heart breathes.
  8. When heart pulsates, it creates waves in the foam and the wave produces music.
  9. Music alone cannot go without poetry. The universe is made of music and poetry. Music is the glue that connects different verses of a poem.
  10. Each poem corresponds to a universe. Many poems generate multiverse.
  11. A poem is incomplete without a factor of love. Yes, the universe is in love.
  12. There are he-universe, she-universe, and they-universe.
  13. Monologues are mindlessly written. It either makes total sense or no sense at all.

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