More Monologues

  1. This book is very important to me. It means something to me. As I read one paragraph, it reminds me of something, and I cannot focus. But I’m determined I’ll read it from cover to cover.
  2. Who says I don’t listen to you. Just tag me and your message got delivered.
  3. Gone are the days when I was not approachable. I’m just one tag away. These notifications are killing me. I cannot sleep. Likes, retweets, comments, and follows. I’m famous.
  4. Yes, when I write monologues, I have someone in mind. I’m in love.
  5. No no, I don’t listen to anyone. I write monologues. It’s a one-way business.
  6. I’ve said this several times that there is no dialogue. Just like there is no interaction. Interaction is a one-way business.
  7. A monologue is complete it needs no answer. Each monologue stands alone.
  8. I said that there is no interaction. Each particle follows its own trajectory –unaware of the rest of the world.
  9. During its course of motion, the particle follows a single path. The path – though continuous – has a beginning and an end. It begins with the creation of the particle and ends with its annihilation.
  10. Go away. Don’t learn anything from me. I speak random things.
  11. I self-contradict myself. There is no relevance in my saying.
  12. People say I have no consciousness. True. Consciousness only appears when the monologues take the form of the dialogues.
  13. This is you who finds meaning in my saying. I just say it. I’m drunk.
  14. Just like a monologue, the feeling is also a one-way business. You cannot feel what I feel.
  15. How you can tell that I have feelings. Just like interaction, there is no feeling.
  16. I may have feelings. But I cannot generalize it to say that you also have feelings. The only generalization which is possible is that there is no feeling.

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