Time Runs Backward

  1. The universe was first created a compact single body and then smashed into pieces. Note that this is a monologue. Read it like a monologue not like a physics statement.
  2. Since the universe was a single body, it does not matter how big or small it was as there was nothing else to compare it with. We can safely say it started from a point/singularity.
  3. I have told you many times why you don’t believe it. Time runs backward. It is heading to the past. What has to happen it has to happen. You can’t change your destiny as the past cannot be changed.
  4. Life is like a movie that begins with the end and then continues in flashbacks.
  5. Some people can predict what’s gonna happen next while others can’t. It depends on how far your vision can go.
  6. Oh yeah, it is not science. Science uses cuts what you call it the laws of nature. Science cannot work beyond these laws while the reality is way bigger.


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