You know what. What do you think? What you do is it really in your control? I’m not using the philosophical terms here such as free-will. Perhaps we are talking about free-will. Let’s leave the free-will here and go with the connectedness. To understand connectedness, let’s remind ourselves of the following two monologues:

  • I think of something. That reminds me of something else. And yet I do some other thing.
  • In everything we see, there is a message for us.

It’s all about reminding. We need to explain this with an example. Suppose you are a chain-smoker. When you smoke, you step out of the house and sit on the porch. As you light the cigarette, you see the stop sign in the street. Of course, the stop sign is for traffic to stop momentarily. But it reminds you to stop smoking. Every day you come, sit on the porch, light a cigarette, and you see the stop sign. Not only this stop sign, but every stop sign reminds you to stop smoking. You also notice that the stop sign does not yell at you saying STOP SMOKING IT’S KILLING YOU, but very politely asks you to quit it.

You don’t quit smoking as it is not that easy, but you change places and to smoke it somewhere where there is no stop sign. You cannot do it. The stop sign is now in your mind. As you light the cigarette, it reminds you of the stop sign. It bothers you so much that you cannot enjoy the cigarette. What to do where to run away. There is no escape. Several times you threw the cigarette, but it did not help. You still smoke. Internally, you’re broken. You know that you’re dying. Dying of lung cancer. It reminds you of your wife who died of stomach cancer. How could you forget that? Her pain. And her untimely death. Now you are a single dad living with your eight-year-old son. Life is getting tough. We are not saying to quit it, but you know there is no taste in it as if you are smoking an empty cigarette without tobacco–just peace of a paper.

Did you notice the connectedness here? The smoking, the stop sign, cancer, dead wife, and your eight-year-old son who you love very much. This prewritten story started with the stop sign which was meant for traffic. Was it really made for the traffic? No, for you, no.

In conclusion, it is all about reminding that connects everything.

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