A Memoryless Mind

  1. Told you many times but you didn’t listen that I had no memory.
  2. After all, I live in present. I must be spontaneous.
  3. Hey, stay away from me. Today I’m in a very bad mood. Don’t expect anything good from me.
  4. I said I’m in a bad mood. No, no, I’m not. I’m nauseous. I’m crying. But don’t be worried. These are the tears of happiness. I was just appreciated. You already know what happens when I’m appreciated. It charges me. I become stronger and my memoryless mind starts to work more efficiently.
  5. Didn’t you notice I’m nothing without you. Without you, I’m just a dead body. Dead body but I can hear. Yes, I hear you. Your appreciation brings me back to life.
  6. My mouth is very dry. I’m chocking. I cannot even swallow my own saliva.  Am I dying again? Don’t do this to me. Don’t kill me. Stop praising me.
  7. Yes, the love standard has changed. It’s a new world and new standards for everything.
  8. What I do I cannot do it without you. You make me do it. I’m totally in your control. Your hate makes me a terrorist and your love gives me life. Without your love, I’m just a dead body. You already know that.
  9. I know you are very selfish. You use me. You give me problems to solve it for you. Didn’t you notice I’m also very clever. My answer is always cryptic. It is your job to decode it.

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