Random Walk

  1. Hey, put all my writing away from me I hate it.
  2. I write mindlessly. This is not me but you who associate meaning to it.
  3. I write so mindlessly and so spontaneously that it makes no sense in any universe.
  4. You know why? Because the random walk is the most expressive language. I speak the most expressive language.
  5. Some people call me the Creator. No, no, I’m not. I only destroy things as destruction is more efficient. Just one blast, bam! Everything is gone.
  6. Told you many times. I got nothing new. I repeat myself.
  7. My book is full of repetition. You know why? It happens when you write mindlessly and spontaneously. Perhaps I have no mind.
  8. Told you many times. I’m telling you again that don’t appreciate me. Appreciation is killing me.
  9. You know what happens when you appreciate me I just dance. I dance so violently that I take fire. I vanish and my ashes become the universe in which you live.
  10. What else you want to know. I’m nothing without you. You and I communicate in such a way that we are unaware of each other. Your existence is because of me and my existence is due to you. We’re in love.
  11. We are in love but we are invisible to each other. You speak your monologues and I speak mine. We never made it to dialogue.
  12. We don’t exist in reality. Our monologues are put together by the movie editor. First, I come and record my monologues and then you come and dub yours.
  13. Yes, there is no reality. We exist in the movie. We’re just actors.
  14. We have no idea what’s going on. As I speak my monologues and you yours. It only makes sense later when all the monologues are put together and the movie is produced.

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