Removable and Inherent Errors

  1. Be careful, my writing is not free from errors. Some errors are removable and others are inherent. Removable errors are those which can be fixed by revising the manuscript. On the other hand, inherent errors are those that exist in the thought process.
  2. Every mind comes with a level of inherent errors. The minimum is the error, the smarter is the person.
  3. We must remind you of the uncertainty principle in physics according to which some non-vanishing minimum uncertainty is unavoidable.
  4. We would use uncertainty and inherent error interchangeably.
  5. Inherent error produces noise in the thought. Noisy thought loses the logical path while going from A to B.
  6. One totally cuts from reality and becomes delusional when the noisy thought is at maximum.
  7. A delusional person has a chance to recover reality because noisy thought does not stay longer at maximum it returns to the minimum.
  8. One is characterized by their minimum uncertainty. Different individuals have different levels of uncertainty.
  9. Perhaps noisy thoughts can be minimized by knowledge or awareness.

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