Blasphemy and Spirituality

  1. Did you know dear Lord has forgiven me?
  2. What! Forgiveness and you. It’s not possible. You blasphemous! Everyone knows it.
  3. Yes, I was never blasphemous. Blasphemy is not even possible. You may be upset with your father, but you cannot deny you are the son of someone.
  4. What! Are you Christian? Or a Muslim? Or What? Tell me clearly. I would not accept a cryptic answer. Today I’m not going to decode your cryptography.
  5. Yes, here is the clearest answer. I AM CHRISTIAN. Yes, a converted Christian. Before that I was Muslim. And Before that, I was something else. How I can deny my own father. Of course, I can defy him, but I cannot deny him.
  6. Thank you for clarifying.
  7. Hey, you Christians, don’t be happy. I’m a faith-changer. I change faith instant by instant. This is not in my control it just happens.
  8. I don’t go to Mosque neither I go to Church. I don’t visit worship places. It’s not my thing.
  9. That I know. You are a believer by night and a disbeliever by day. It’s about to be dawn. Let’s what you are then.


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