I’m a theoretical physicist. I lost faith in religion in college time. During my Ph.D., I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I collect my observations during the mental illness in my memoir Sitting in Two Boats in which I talk about my real life and fantasies.

Here you will find a mix of topics from faith, mental health, mathematical poetry to fiction.  The page is called Monologue Series. We define a monologue is one’s statement with which another person may or may not agree. However, when a monologue involves a theorem or physical theory, it must be written in the form of a poem. If poem involves mathematical symbols or numerical values, they must appear in the beginning or end of the line. For example, “A = B” would be written as A is B. The inner text represents relation to the outer symbols.

Literary devices are also used to prove a theorem. Alliteration is used as a principle to identify different words that have the same initial letter. For example, ‘empty’ and ‘everything’ may represent the same thing.

Characters are named only if there is no other choice. A given monologue may involve internal dialogues as if more than one person is talking. In that case, each dialogue appears in a new paragraph or stanza. Explanation of a dialogue is not provided. It should be clear from context who is talking. A horizontal white space or dashes may also be used when a time shift involves in a given dialogue.

Recently I also created a Facebook page namely Monologue Series. More interesting stuff can be found there. Please like us.

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