Seven Proofs of Riemann’s Hypothesis: A Short Story

In Mathematics, Riemann’s hypothesis (RH) is one of the unsolved problems. It is one of the Millennium Prize Problems. Whoever solved this problem would be awarded one million dollars by the Clay Mathematics Institute. It states that all the non-trivial zeros of the ‘zeta function’ lie where the real part of the argument of the... Continue Reading →

Seven Proofs of Riemann’s Hypothesis

I proved twin prime conjecture. I also proved binary Goldbach’s conjecture. What do you think now I’m gonna prove Riemann’s hypothesis? Never. Nobody gives a sh** to my proofs. You are upset because no journal publishes your work. Never mind. Shut up and prove. Prove as many theorems as you can. Whether it is utter... Continue Reading →

59 Minutes

Thank you for inviting me to 59 Minutes. I'm a big fan of yours. I do not miss your late-night shows. Here is one thing you should do during the interview. When you ask me a question, my answer may be very detailed. I may also go irrelevant. Don't ask why I do this. When... Continue Reading →

Diamond Ring

Remember, after that what I did to that girl. I snatched her from her boyfriend. And what I did to her boyfriend. I didn’t let him get out of the car. I stepped on his car. I pressed his car from all sides. The car compressed and got smaller and smaller. While he was still... Continue Reading →


Remember, yesterday when I asked the cops to shoot me, they didn’t want to. But they had no choice, they had to. You witnessed it too. I received a hundred bullets all over my face and head. But nothing happened you witnessed it I turned into a zombie. That show continued for 59 minutes.

The Boy

As soon as the girl saw the window open, she jumped out of it. Out there, she saw a woodcutter and snatched the piece of wood from him. With the piece of wood, the girl struck the boy on his head. The girl dropped the stick and ran, while the boy toppled and fell on... Continue Reading →

Monologue Series: My New Facebook Page

I have created a new Facebook Page. The goal of this page is to post monologues regularly.   A monologue is one’s statement with which another person may or may not agree. A monologue does not distinguish between a dialogue and a theorem. However, if a monologue involves a theorem or a physical theory, it must be... Continue Reading →

Her Memoir

Serisha Kahn came from work at two A.M. in the morning. She was a bartender in a bar which was walking distance from her apartment. For her it was still early to go to sleep. Usually when she got home, she worked on her memoir about how she abandoned her family. She slept just before sunrise,... Continue Reading →


He never lied. He was constantly saying, "Today, today, today," until next morning and then he said, "Today is Monday."

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