Seven Proofs of Riemann’s Hypothesis: A Short Story

In Mathematics, Riemann’s hypothesis (RH) is one of the unsolved problems. It is one of the Millennium Prize Problems. Whoever solved this problem would be awarded one million dollars by the Clay Mathematics Institute. It states that all the non-trivial zeros of the ‘zeta function’ lie where the real part of the argument of the... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Mathematical Poem

To write a mathematical poem, we require the following conditions. Symbols or numerical values must appear at the beginning or end of a line. For example, if I want to list the first few primes, I may write 1st prime is 2 2nd prime is 3 3rd prime is 5 And then so on This... Continue Reading →

2 Is Odd

2 is odd The turn of 2 Is odd 1st non-negative integer is 0 2nd is 1 3rd is 2 The turn of 2 Therefore, is odd Prime after prime Each prime Is odd 2 is odd Because its turn is odd Other primes are odd Because they're odd By nature

Uncertainty Relation

I don't know why My predictions have uncertainties And that is 1 In quantum mechanics though Uncertainty relation (UR) has a minimum And that minimum is half of $latex \hbar$ $latex \hbar$, therefore, is 2 Note the 2 It is the first prime Note again the 2! In language ! is for feelings It is... Continue Reading →


The idea, in set theory, is represented by ϕ Without idea how can you create space X? ϕ then enters space, and thus, space becomes {ϕ} Space after that becomes {ϕ, X} This is how topology goes

Seven Proofs of Riemann’s Hypothesis

I proved twin prime conjecture. I also proved binary Goldbach’s conjecture. What do you think now I’m gonna prove Riemann’s hypothesis? Never. Nobody gives a sh** to my proofs. You are upset because no journal publishes your work. Never mind. Shut up and prove. Prove as many theorems as you can. Whether it is utter... Continue Reading →

What Is Past?

What is past? Past, upto the first letter, is prime Prime, in math, is a set And that set is P 1st prime is 2 2nd prime is 3 And then so on P is, thus, {2, 3,…} What! P is prime And that prime is past And that past was empty Yes! Empty is... Continue Reading →

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