Random Monologues

I can only get better if you prove me wrong. Appreciation is killing me. Oh no, I’m only visible to those who follow me. They say I’m illiterate. True! Because I’m hibernating most of the time. I’m awake only when making creation. That is why I’m called the Creator. Reading is not my thing. I... Continue Reading →

Which Religion Is True?

Let me begin this topic with the conclusion. ALL RELIGIONS ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY TRUE AND FALSE. As all religions are true and false, this makes it easier for you to jump from one to another. Switch your faith anytime when your doubts increase on one faith and develop trust in another one. Here I emphasize on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go COVID

Let's go COVID What may happen to me tomorrow Let me say it today I’m COVID positive Yes, I’m COVID positive Don’t ask how it feels Just that I’m COVID positive Don’t pray for me Coz I don’t believe in prayers Neither come to my funeral if I die Coz it’s another nonsense for me... Continue Reading →

God Plays Hide and Seek

Today I would like to discuss two scales. One is called the universal scale and the other one is called the God scale. These are complementary scales. We live on the universal scale and God lives on the God scale. Let me explain below what I mean by the two scales. God creates and annihilates... Continue Reading →

Does God Exist?

Today I want to distinguish between two questions. 1) Does God exist? 2) Do I believe in God? Any answer to the former question is a claim and a claim needs proof. The latter question is an opinion. It is possible that God may exist, but one does not believe in Him. Like disobeying God.... Continue Reading →

How To Write A Mathematical Poem

To write a mathematical poem, we require the following conditions. Symbols or numerical values must appear at the beginning or end of a line. For example, if I want to list the first few primes, I may write 1st prime is 2 2nd prime is 3 3rd prime is 5 And then so on This... Continue Reading →

Being Manic

  I’m not human but something above that. I killed Shahid a long time ago. This is somebody else in his body. Professor! What would be your feeling if I told you I proved the Riemann’s hypothesis. What! Shahid claims he proved it. Told you this is not him. I killed him a long time... Continue Reading →

The World As It In Psychosis-Part I

You know magic is possible. I mean real magic. But it is dangerous for the magician. It kills the magician. The most dangerous activity for a magician is when he/she dances. Let’s stick with 'she' to avoid 'he/she'. When she dances, she rises in the air. She enjoys this act very much. She rises and... Continue Reading →

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