You know what. What do you think? What you do is it really in your control? I’m not using the philosophical terms here such as free-will. Perhaps we are talking about free-will. Let’s leave the free-will here and go with the connectedness. To understand connectedness, let’s remind ourselves of the following two monologues: I think... Continue Reading →

Random Monologues

I can only get better if you prove me wrong. Appreciation is killing me. Oh no, I’m only visible to those who follow me. They say I’m illiterate. True! Because I’m hibernating most of the time. I’m awake only when making creation. That is why I’m called the Creator. Reading is not my thing. I... Continue Reading →

Which Religion Is True?

Let me begin this topic with the conclusion. ALL RELIGIONS ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY TRUE AND FALSE. As all religions are true and false, this makes it easier for you to jump from one to another. Switch your faith anytime when your doubts increase on one faith and develop trust in another one. Here I emphasize on... Continue Reading →

Religion May Always Exist in Some Form

If all religions of the world are renounced, humans will invent one anew. There are many reasons to believe in God. In the past, God communicated with us through His messengers. What if He has changed his rules? What if He has gone virtual. There are several accounts by the name of God on Twitter.... Continue Reading →

I Saw Him When I Denied Him

It is very disturbing when you are an atheist and you are having spiritual experiences. How could you submit to God when you don’t believe in His very existence? And how could you deny Him when sometimes He shows Himself to you in the eastern light and sometimes in western light. How could you deny... Continue Reading →

Become Strong

Don't become weak like a long range force, such as gravitational or electromagnetic force. Become strong like a short range force (strong nuclear force). Live in your own time. Influence your own people. Don't expect they'll remember you. Ask them when time comes to burn your body and be forgotten. Ask yourself what you, why... Continue Reading →

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